"No matter how much we plan for our lives to go a certain way,

the fact is we can never ever truly plan for THE UNEXPECTED crisis"

Dwann Holmes 

Entrepreneur , Chaplain, Consultant

Dwann loves Media, Marketing, Mentorship and Ministry.  Her career started as a TV News Reporter/Anchor in 1994 and then she opened a Faith-Friendly TV Production Company in 2000 that transformed into an Ad Agency while living in Nashville, Tennessee.   Dwann has experience as the Director of Marketing at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to own and operate D&C Multi Media.  Dwann currently owns and operates a 19-year company called Dwann & Company where she functions as a Chief Strategist.

Dwann is an award winning journalist, nominated for a few Emmys, was named TOP 30 Future Leader by Ebony Magazine in 2000 and most recently made her way to the top of Amazon's Best Sellers.

She combines her multi-media expertise to help others in the personal and professional growth and development.    Her specialties include:   Marketing, Business Development, Media Training, Media Campaign Development, Public Speaking, Creative Concept Development, Creating and Launching Brand Awareness, Media Account Development and Management, and Online Marketing.


Dwann’s roots stem from Omaha, Nebraska.  She attended University of Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a field of study in Sports Communications.


Dwann is a leading force in prophetic ministry and loves helping college students, single moms and entrepreneurs  WIN THROUGH CRISIS!